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Golang Gopher Pirate

Games Overview

SEAtf: Cyber Sinkex Logo

This Sea-TF challenge will pit participants against the Grace Maritime Cyber Testbed and its real world IT and OT electronics. Included in the cyber testbed is a full bridge navigation suite and fly-by-wire propulsion system running on NMEA2000. This isn't the same Grace system you've seen before. Upgrades from previous years include a steering system and updated flags to capture, if you're up to the task.



Golang Gopher Pirate Captain VR

Virtual participants will compete by analyzing the packet capture logs provided. These logs consist of messages from real-world maritime OT equipment. Can you interpret these messages and identify the exposed OT equipment?


Golang Gopher Pirates

In-person participants will compete by directly connecting to the cyber testbed and executing their attacks. Once connected, participants can use a NMEA2000 read/write program to execute attacks on the cyber testbed. These participants will be able to see the effects of their attacks immediately after engaging.

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